nutriMenu planning healthy menus

Menu planning tool

A simple tool to help you plan healthy balanced menus, for all age groups

nutriMenu official nutrition

Official nutrition guidelines

nutriMenu is based on official Swiss nutritional recommendations

nutriMenu nutrition evaluation

Developed by dietitians

nutriMenu uses a scientific approach to assess nutritional profile of each menu

nutriMenu personalized feedback

Personalized feedback

Daily and weekly personalized suggestions to improve overall nutritional balance

nutriMenu continous learning

Continous learning

nutriMenu is packed with didactic material to help you expand your nutrition knowledge

nutriMenu nutrition score

Detailed nutrition evaluation

Based on overall nutrition balance, nutriMenu calculates a nutrition score of your menus

nutriMenu monthly progress

Monthly progress reports

Detailed reports the progress of your menus nutritional quality over time

nutriMenu seasonal and local ingredients


Seasonal and regional specifications of ingredients

nutriMenu label certification

Certified Label

Audited, revised and certified by OIC

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Client testimonials

The City of Lausanne's ambitious Sustainable Collective Catering (RCD) plan has made it possible to collaborate with Myravan solutions on the Nutritional Quality indicator of the RCD Plan. This mandate gave rise to the nutriMenu Lausanne tool to help monitor nutritional quality of meals. The rigorous work and the high scientific standards of Dr. M. Yepes and her team made it possible to federate cooks on the importance of nutritional quality in the production of meals. Today more than ever, this issue is at the center of public authorities' food policies. The approach proposed by nutriMenu addresses these issues, while promoting the work of cooks through this professional tool. 

Samira Dubart

Sustainable Development Delegate>
Project manager RCD

Ville de Lausanne


Testimonials from participating restaurants

Julien Raemy

nutriMenu is a practical tool

SV Restaurant Géopolis

"With nutriMenu I can easily correct my menus to make them conform to official Swiss standards."

Julien Raemy
Restaurant Manager, SV-Géopolis

Filippo pisano

nutriMenu: to be used without moderation!

CVE Montelley

"nutriMenu is a great tool that allows me to easily analyse the nutritional balance of menus."

Filippo Pisano
Chef with Brevet Fédéral

Florim Karsniqi

Since I use nutriMenu, my work is more appreciated.

CVE Valency

"I recommend nutriMenu to all cooks, because it's a very helpful tool for everyday menu planning."

Florim Karsniqi

Didier Sidot

nutriMenu is an effective tool and full of information

Au Goût du Jour

"nutriMenu is an interesting tool, effective and packed with relevant information."

Didier Sidot
Jury Bocuse d’Or Suisse 2018, Chef with brevet fédéral

Filippo pisano

nutriMenu is an easy-to-use tool

SV restaurant GSK

"A very practical tool for assessing the nutritional balance of menus, allowing each cook to become a little more involved in their work."

Laura Beaumont

Filippo pisano

nutriMenu is practical, fluid and functional

Takinoa EPFL

"nutriMenu is a practical, fluid and functional working tool. It allows to offer more balanced menus."

Remy Tranchida
Chef, Production Manager

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